Unstoppable Squirt for Danika Mori

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Saturday morning in Las Vegas, I was in the garden enjoying the sun in Topless! Steve after having arranged and cleaned the swimming pool he starts to massage my ass with a desire. I love having sex outdoors and my hot cunt starts to get wet. He gets excited, his big cock protrudes from his costume and the smell of testosterone inebriates my brain.

He slams his big cock in my mouth and I start sucking him to the shovels eager to feel him inside. After only 5 minutes I find myself in doggystyle with him pumping me from behind and horny like never before. I feel every stroke, a few blows are enough to make me scream with pleasure.

He turns me over and starts banging him on my pussy and I feel his cock reaching the bottom of my stomach. His balls are swollen with laden sperm and I stretch them in my hands to excite him even more. I have reached the limit and he already knows it so he starts to masturbate my pussy leading me to an unstoppable squirt. I squirt and I come like a fountain, he is too excited and can’t contain all his cum.

He puts me under him and unloads a big load of cum on my face and mouth which I desire from the first moment I swallow satisfied.

It was an unstoppable squirt for Danika Mori

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