Rough sex and squirt

Rough sex and squirt for Danika Mori!The Amateur brunette gets fucked hard by Steve Mori!

We had just finished watching a movie!I excitedly start teasing Steve by putting myself on the sofa in doggystyle! Steve immediately understands that I need to be fucked hard and I start to suck his cock. He is relaxed but in an instant I find his cock hard as stone! I move the thong on my side and start getting my cunt screwed. I reach orgasm almost immediately.

He turns to me in a missionary where I hear every blow to the end of my cunt. I’m all wet and I have a totally dilated cunt that wants to be banged as I deserve. After many multiple orgasms he decides to devastate me by riding my big cock! I am now destroyed and tired but I continue to pump him with great satisfaction. I even arrive to implore him to stop but he too excited decides to take me by the hips and pull me towards him. They have been very intense orgasms, but never as much as the last two endings when with a quick masturbation it makes me squirt like a fountain to the whole house.

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